A Comprehensive Toolkit for Writing Your Novel.

bibisco is the perfect companion for your novel writing journey.

bibisco provides all the features and tools you need to draft, refine, and share your story with ease.

With its distraction-free editor, comprehensive novel analysis, and world-building features, you can create a captivating story from start to finish.


All That You Need

Organize chapters and scenes, manage revisions, export novel in pdf, docx, epub. Write with a fully-featured text editor in distraction-free mode.

Organize Your Ideas

Create a novel structure, and define the premise, fabula, and narrative strands. Use mind maps to determine relations between story elements.


Use bibisco’s world-building tool to bring your characters, locations and story’s setting to life and create an immersive experience for readers.

Timeline & Novel Analysis

Visualize your story in a timeline. Analyze chapters' length, the use of points of view, time and locations in which characters appear.

Writing Goals

Set your words goal, your words per day goal, and your deadline. Track the progress of your work over time.

Multiplatform & Multilanguage

bibisco is a desktop application available for Linux, macOS and Windows, in 15 languages.

It begins with a character, usually, and once he stands up on his feet and begins to move, all I can do is trot along behind him with a paper and pencil trying to keep up long enough to put down what he says and does.
William Faulkner


Character Development

Novels only work if their characters are believable. Characters are believable when you can understand the complexity of their human nature: qualities, defects, and contradictions.

And a believable and effective character arc, the change or growth a character experiences throughout the story, makes a novel unforgettable.

bibisco is the writing software that assists authors in creating characters that readers will love.

bibisco is a novel writing software focused on characters


Novel Blueprint

The idea of the novelist who writes guided only by the sacred fire of inspiration is quite naive.

Writing a novel is like building a house. Words are bricks, but putting one brick after another is not enough. If you build a house without a blueprint, it's bound to collapse.

bibisco gives you all the tools you need to be the architect and the carpenter of your novel.

Inspiration alone is not enough. You need to work.
Paulo Coelho
Organization is the key to writing a successful book. Outline your plot, create character profiles, and keep track of all your research.
J.K. Rowling


Simplicity First

A novel is a complex artwork, so writing software doesn’t have to be complicated.

With bibisco, you get all that a writer needs to write a novel without any steep learning curves.

Craft your characters, define the setting, design the plot, set your writing goals, organize chapters and more—all from one user-friendly platform.

Focus on grasping the structure of your novel, not the writing program you are using!


Get bibisco and Start Your Story!

We are not a big company. bibisco is an independent project made with love for writers to help them to write beautiful novels.

But also bibisco needs help. Become a supporter and get some special features!


Did you know?

More than 100,000 writers already downloaded bibisco!

bibisco has more than 1,000 ratings on Gumroad, with an average 4.5/5 stars!

bibisco has 2 versions: Community and Supporters


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the official bibisco documentation?

The bibisco official documentation is here.

Is there an official bibisco tutorial?

Yes. If you want to know all the features and the philosophy of bibisco, watch the bibisco official tutorial presented by its author, Andrea Feccomandi.

How do I install bibisco?

If you want to know how to install bibisco read here.

How do I upgrade bibisco from Community to Supporters Edition?

First things first. Projects created with bibisco Community Edition are fully compatible with projects created with bibisco Supporters Edition. If you want to know how to upgrade from Community Edition to Supporters Edition read here.

How do I update bibisco?

If you want to know how to update bibisco read here.

Do I have to pay again for future updates of bibisco Supporters Edition?

Within the first two years of purchase, you get free updates. After that, upgrades are available at a 50% discount. If you purchase an upgrade at a 50% discount, you'll receive free upgrades again within the next two years. When a new version is released, we'll email you detailed upgrade instructions. If you haven't received the version 3.0 update email, please contact us at info@bibisco.com.

How frequently are updates released for bibisco?

Updates are generally released once a year, usually in June. However, it is possible that they may be released at a closer interval in the future.

What are the operating systems supported by bibisco?

bibisco is available for Windows 10 or later, MacOS High Sierra 10.13 or later, and Linux. Only versions for 64bit architectures are available. If you're not sure that bibisco will work on your operating system, first try bibisco Community Edition.

What is the latest version of bibisco?

The latest version of bibisco is 3.0.3, take a look at release notes or what's new.

Under which license is bibisco released?

bibisco is licensed under the terms of GNU GPL License. But... can you sell free software? Read here.

Can I use bibisco on multiple computers?

Yes, you can.

Do I need different licences for each operating system?

No, you don't.

In which languages is bibisco available?

bibisco is available in Czech, Dutch, French, German, English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

Is bibisco an Artificial Intelligence tool?

No. bibisco is not an Artificial Intelligence tool that will write the novel for you. bibisco will provide you with all the tools that can help you, but you will create the story with your work and talent.

Does bibisco impose a rigid way of working?

No. bibisco doesn't impose a particular way of working but instead provides a toolbox for writers to use in the way that best helps them create their stories.

What can I use to buy Bibisco Supporters Edition?

You can use Paypal or your credit card.

Does bibisco have a refund policy?

Yes. If you're not completely satisfied, bibisco Supporters Edition has a 30 days money-back guarantee; write to info@bibisco.com and ask for a refund.


About me

bibisco is a novel writing software written by Andrea Feccomandi

I'm Andrea Feccomandi, from Bologna, Italy.

Curious to know how the project idea came about? Take a look at the FOSDEM17 bibisco introduction!




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