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The author

I’m Andrea Feccomandi, the author of the novel writing software bibisco.

I’m a dad of two, husband, book lover, software engineer, and many other things like any of us.

I live and work in Bologna, Italy.

In my newsletter, The Warm Lasagna, I explore life’s essential ingredients, from lessons learned to moments of empathy, the beauty in everyday life, and the full range of human emotions. It’s a place to understand, console, confide, and share.

Have questions or feedback? Want to collaborate with me? Just want to say hello? I’d love to hear from you! Drop me an email at

bibisco's mission

I love books. I believe that through novels, we can learn, grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, making the world a better place to live.

For this reason, I created bibisco with love to help writers craft beautiful novels.

And all the love I put into the creation of bibisco came back to me multiplied ten, one hundred, one thousand times.

Take a look at the testimonials of some of the 150,000 writers who have already downloaded bibisco.

Image Andrea Feccomandi, creator of bibisco software. Learn about the mastermind behind bibisco free and bibisco premium. Buy bibisco online for an enriching writing experience.

bibisco's project

The first line of code for bibisco was written in September 2012. Version 1.0 was released in April 2014.

Since then, the development of bibisco has never stopped. 

Thanks to all the precious and brilliant ideas and suggestions from writers who have written to me over the years, bibisco has become the beautiful application it is today, translated into 15 languages and distributed worldwide. 

Do you want to hear the project’s story told in my own voice? Take a look at the presentation of bibisco at FOSDEM 2017.

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