Can your readers see themselves in your characters?

Can your readers see themselves in your characters?

The most important ingredient in a novel is not the plotline!

Anyone can think of a plot, such as a person brought up in the wilderness discovers an unusual shard that turns out to be the key to closing an inter-dimensional portal. Their unique skills mean that they are the only person for the job.

The problem isn’t the storyline, it’s your character.

Can your readers see themselves in your characters? - bibisco main character design
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bibisco’s character design

Sure, you can turn it into an action movie but you’re going to need non-stop action. That’s exhausting to write and read or watch.

Introducing flaws to any character

Successful novels require three-dimensional people.

The very flaws that make up a character are what make them interesting, relatable, and worth rooting for. Why? Because people can see themselves in the character.

If you’re not convinced then check out the bibisco novel planning software. Specifically, have a go at interviewing your character.

Can your readers see themselves in your characters? - bibisco interview mode
bibisco blog | useful resources by your novel writing software
bibisco’s interview mode

It’s a great way to build them and to understand them. However, what you’ll really notice when you use the software to review them, is that they have weaknesses and vices.

Everyone does and the sooner you realize this the easier it will be to create your novel.

In effect, you are aiming for your readers to see themselves in your characters. When they see the character overcome adversity to succeed, they believe if he did it I can too!.

Novel planning software helps you to develop the center of your story, the inner conflict that creates intrigue, motivates people, and drives them to do the right thing even at great personal sacrifice.

Creating The Flaws

You can create a simple flaw such as a drug problem. The problem is that this can be un-relatable.

For example, a good guy that has a good education and perhaps comes from money has become addicted to drugs. The flaw opens up a world of possibilities regarding what the character will do to keep the problem a secret or ensure his continual supply.

Your readers won’t relate to the drug issue, believing the character brought the issue on themselves. However, they will look at the inner conflicts that drive the good guy to make the right decision. In this scenario, they will ultimately expose their issue in order to save the day. In doing so they’ll be forced to confront the issue and deal with it.

This is when you’ll really see the benefit of good novel writing software. By reviewing your character you’ll see that the flaws which make them human are the emotional conflicts that anyone can face.

In the above example, your reader will want to know why they’re conflicted. Despite their addiction, they don’t want others to know about their addiction. Is this because they are ashamed, stand to lose a fortune, or perhaps are concerned about the effect of their actions on others?

Understanding The Flaws

Once you realize that even the biggest flaws come down to simple emotions you’ll start to appreciate that your characters don’t need big flaws like drug problems.

What they actually need is human flaws, the same thing that normal people deal with every day.

When you review your character in this light you can create one that is a normal person. Your readers will be intrigued by their flaws and by how they deal with them. More importantly, the way they deal with them will inspire your readers, reminding them that if he did it I can too!.

A Final Summary

Writing a novel can seem like a daunting task, regardless of how many ideas are floating around in your head. But, with good novel writing software, like that supplied by bibisco, you’ll find you can focus on what really matters.

That’s creating characters.

If you know your characters inside out then so will your readers, making your story interesting, relevant, and inspirational.

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