Character Archetypes Series: #4 Ally

Character Archetypes Series: #4 Ally

In the fourth article of Character Archetypes Series, we talk about Ally.

Our Hero has just crossed the First Threshold and has definitively abandoned the Ordinary World. He is now in the company of the Mentor, a fundamental character he met in the first stages of his Journey. He is, in fact, who pushes him to embark on this path.

Character Archetypes Series: #4 Ally - Hero's journey.
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However, this is not the only important character that the Hero meets. By approaching the first challenges that the character of the Ally is introduced.

Who is Ally?

Just beyond the First Threshold, our Hero begins to face the first real difficulties and to understand who the real enemies are.

For example, Neo in the world of the Matrix begins to understand who the Agents really are, what role they play in their power. 

The approaches with the reality that the Hero does not know are difficult and challenging. Often these can be even harder and seem insurmountable if there were not an important character who supports the Hero.

There are Heroes who are lucky enough when several Allies surround him. Think about Harry Potter aided by Hermione and Ron throughout his fighting against the Dark Lord.

In the Lord of the Rings, Frodo discovers that Sam has followed him not to leave him alone. Sam also promises to Frodo that he will be next to him along with Pippin and Merry Brandybuck.

Moreover, in Star Wars Luke Skywalker is joined by Chewbacca (nicknamed Chewbe), a Wookie over two meters tall, co-pilot of the Millenium Falcon, the ship of Ian Solo. 

The character of the Ally is a hymn to friendship: in literature and cinema there are many indivisible couples such as Sherlock Holmes and Watson, of Batman and Robin and many others.

The Trials, the Allies, and the Enemies 

Along with the first difficulties and the Allies, the Enemies arrive. The reader or viewer now understands who is on one side to help the Hero, and who is on the other side to hinder him.

This is a representation of everyday life. When we abandon something that we know very well for something else that is completely unknown, with the first moments of difficulty we begin to understand who we can trust. We understand who is next to us and who opposes us. 

These new experiences, although frightening, are fundamental for defining new relationships and understanding what meaning they have, whether positive or negative.

Think of a long-time friendship of yours. This relationship will probably have strengthened in a particularly challenging moment in your life and in which this person has shown that he wants to stand by you to support you.

The Approach to the Inmost Cave

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

Joseph Campbell

The Hero approaches a dangerous place where the object of his research is hiding. This object is the reason why he embarked on this Journey. At the entrance of this place is the Second Threshold where the Hero will face the central test.

At this point, we also encounter another character, which we will discuss in the next articles.

For now, let us leave the Hero to study his own strategy, organizing the fight and the best ways to evade all the threats that will hinder his entry. 

In this, the help of the Allies is essential. Each of them is able to give their contribution to the Hero, willing to fight alongside him.  Despite this, they are aware that the final test will have to be completed by the Hero and by him alone.

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The character of the Ally is anything but easy to create. It can be a childhood friend, a neighbor, a family member. However, he is an especially important character to outline because he allows the Hero to move forward on the Journey, without losing hope even in moments of greatest difficulty.

Thanks to bibisco and its novel planning software you can create the best Ally you can ever write.

Character Archetypes Series: #4 Ally - bibisco character's section
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How can you do that? By using the interview mode to define the character of the Ally and give him the right characteristics.


No one would ever want to be completely alone in their life.

There are moments in which we are overwhelmed by difficulties and do not know how to go on.

These are the occasions that allow us to recognize friends, our Allies and faithful travel companions on our journey. They accompany us in our growth, supporting us during successes and failures.

This is why for us at bibisco, unity is only strength but really the difference.

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