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How to Analyze a Book | a Helpful Guide

Do you know how many times your characters meet each other? Do you know where the main character meets his lover for the first time?

This is the novel analysis, and having a clear vision of how our novel is structured is really useful.

So, does your novel writing software help you to analyze your novel?

How to analyze a book with bibisco

When I designed bibisco, I first wanted to include the features for studying the characters and the definition of their conflict.

But then I wanted to insert a feature I have not found in other novel writing software: the tools for analyzing a book.

Let’s take a look at the analytics features offered by bibisco.

Chapters’ length

bibisco's Chapters' Length Analysis feature - a guide on how to analyse a novel.
bibisco’s chapters’ length analysis

In this analysis, it’s possible to observe the length of each chapter and compare it with the others.

You can analyze if the length of the chapters is homogeneous in the novel and if there are chapters that are much longer or much shorter than the others.

Characters’ distribution

bibisco's Characters' Distribution Analysis feature - a tool demonstrating how to analyze books for a deeper understanding of character distribution within a narrative.
bibisco’s characters’ distribution analysis

Users of bibisco particularly appreciate this analysis, because it allows analyzing the presence of the characters within the novel.

It also allows observing the distribution of the presence of the characters between the chapters.

Some characters may be present only at the novel’s beginning, others only at the end. Generally, the protagonists have a constant presence throughout the book. If a character doesn’t show up for half a novel, that becomes immediately apparent.

Furthermore, through this analysis, it is possible to find out at a glance when two characters are present in the same chapter.

Locations and Narrative Strands’ distribution

In addition to the distribution of the characters, bibisco also allows us to analyze the distribution of locations.

bibisco's locations' distribution analysis
bibisco blog | useful resources by your novel writing software
bibisco’s locations’ distribution analysis

And the distribution of narrative strands.

bibisco's narrative strands' distribution analysis
bibisco blog | useful resources by your novel writing software
bibisco’s narrative strands’ distribution analysis

Characters’ list of appearances

bibisco's characters' list of appearances
bibisco blog | useful resources by your novel writing software
bibisco’s characters’ list of appearances

This analysis, for each character, provides the list of all their appearances in the novel in chronological order.

For each apparition, you can find the following:

  • date and time of the apparition
  • location
  • scene
  • chapter

This is extremely useful for ensuring consistency (How can this character be in Dublin when he was in Sydney an hour earlier?), especially for very long novels with many characters.

Use of points of view

Exploring Bibisco's Use of Points of View - a guide on how to analyze a novel through the lens of narrative perspectives and viewpoints.
bibisco’s use of points of view

In this analysis, the writer can study the novel’s use of points of view.

Was the use consistent? From the point of view of which characters was the story told?

This knowledge is essential because every story changes according to the teller’s point of view.

How to analyze a book: tag your scene, and bibisco does the magic

bibisco automatically generates the analyses illustrated in this article.

The writer simply has to tag each scene with the characters that appear, the location and time in which it takes place, the point of view used, and the narrative strand to which it belongs.

how to analyze a book: bibisco's scene tags
bibisco’s scene tags

Conclusion: how to analyze a book using bibisco

A good novel writing software must help the writer not only to write the novel but also to analyze it.

bibisco offers deep analysis and at-a-glance infographics that detail chapters’ length and how characters, locations, points of view, and narrative strands are distributed chronologically and across chapters.

This means you can easily see where things happen in your novel.

Such information could be invaluable for preventing inconsistencies and, ultimately, understanding the structure of your novel.

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