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This is Why You Need a Novel Writing Software

Andrea, do you think that a writer really needs a novel writing software?

This is the question they ask me at every interview about bibisco.

After all“, they say, “it’s about writing, and to write, you just need Microsoft Word. Isn’t it?

Writing a novel is like building a house

Some think a writer can write an entire novel feverishly, guided only by the sacred fire of inspiration.

This idea is quite naive.

Writing a novel, instead, is like building a house. Words are bricks, but putting one brick after another is not enough. If you build a house without a blueprint, it’s bound to collapse.

Prose is architecture, not interior decoration.

Ernest Hemingway

Writing is only a part of the entire work

When you write a novel, writing chapters and scenes is only a part of the entire work.

The other parts are the research and study of the social and temporal context in which the story takes place, the design of the characters and the plot, the planning of the activities, and the control of their progress.

And so, you have to be very organized and disciplined to manage all this mass of documents.

A novel writing software helps you in all stages of novel creation

Novel writing software, like bibisco, can help the writer organize the work in all phases in a single integrated novel development environment.

There are no more files scattered in complex directory trees, but all the elements of the novel are well organized and immediately accessible without having to look for them in the file system.

Moreover, it is always possible to have an eye on all the material produced for the novel while writing.

In bibisco, with the project explorer, you can have all the information about the chapters, architectural elements, characters, locations, objects, and all the notes always available in a sidebar while writing.

A novel writing software helps you to analyze your work

Novel writing software can help the writer not only organize the work but also analyze it.

For example, in bibisco, you can analyze the chapters’ lengths to see if they are homogeneous.

Or you can study the characters’ distribution to see which ones appear most often, check when a character appears for the first time, and identify how many times two characters appear in the same chapter.

You can also see your novel represented in a timeline.

A novel writing software helps you keep track of your progress

A good novel writing software also allows you to plan and track the progress of your work.

In bibisco, for example, you can set your word goal, word-per-day goal, and deadline.

And you can check your progress over time.

Furthermore, in bibisco, any element of the novel, such as chapters, scenes, characters, places, objects, or architectural elements, has its completion badge (red, yellow, green) to have a glance at the status of the work.


A novel is a complex artwork.

A novel writing software, like bibisco, helps you in all the stages of the creation of the novel: research, design, planning, and writing.

And you? Do you think you need a novel writing software?

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