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What’s new in bibisco 2.3?

A new version of bibisco is here. So, let’s take a look at what’s new in bibisco 2.3!

Before diving into the new features of our favorite novel writing software, I would like to point out two things that are particularly important to me:

  • All the new features come from suggestions and ideas from users. So if you have new ideas for features you would like to see implemented write to I will certainly evaluate them!
  • When the new version was announced, I received many messages of congratulations and affection. This is the greatest satisfaction for me.

OK, let’s get started!

Profile image management

In this version of bibisco (Supporters Edition only), it’s possible to associate a profile picture to characters, places and objects.

What's new in bibisco 2.3?Characters' profile picture
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Characters’ profile picture

The profile picture will always be visible when working on a character, location or object.

What's new in bibisco 2.3?
Main character's section
bibisco blog | useful resources by your novel writing software
Main character’s section


I think this new feature (Supporters Edition only) is particularly interesting. It allows us to associate events with characters, locations, objects or the setting.

What's new in bibisco 2.3?
Character's event
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Character’s event

We can trace the important events in a character‘s life; his birth, the beginning of high school, the move to another city. For a location, we can instead trace the events that are important for our novel; the construction of a skyscraper, an earthquake, a riot. The same thing can be done for an object: the date of its invention, the first time it was used. Of course, this feature is very useful when applied to the setting, especially if we are writing a historical novel.

All created events are integrated into the timeline. In this way, it’s possible to have a global vision of all the important events of the novel; both those described in the scenes and those not.

Prologue, epilogue and parts of the project

It’s now possible (Supporters Edition only) to manage prologue and epilogue.

What's new in bibisco 2.3?
Parts management
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Parts management

And we can divide our novel in parts.

Unlimited notes

This is certainly the most requested feature by users!

From this version of bibisco (Supporters Edition only), you can add unlimited notes in the new Notes section.

What's new in bibisco 2.3?
Notes section
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Notes section

For each note it is possible to associate, in addition to the text, unlimited notes.

Export selection

Sometimes we want to export just a chapter or a character sheet instead of the whole novel. With version 2.3 (Supporters Edition only) of bibisco it’s now possible.

What's new in bibisco 2.3?
Export selection
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Export selection

You can export:

  • Novel and project
  • Only novel
  • Only project
  • Chapter
  • Character
  • Location
  • Object
  • Note
  • Architecture
  • Narrative strands
  • Timeline

Objects’ analysis

The analysis section has been expanded (Supporters Edition only) with the objectsanalysis as well.

What's new in bibisco 2.3?
Objects' analysis
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Objects’ analysis

Timeline: export and day of week

Version 2.3 of bibisco also presents interesting new features for the Timeline.

It’s now possible to export the Timeline to PDF, DOCX and TXT.

bibisco blog | useful resources by your novel writing software

In addition, the day of the week is also shown in the timeline.

Automatic backup

The new automatic backup function makes backups of the project you are working on at regular intervals and each time you exit the project.

By default, bibisco:

  • makes an automatic backup each time you exit the project, both when you close bibisco and exit the project without closing bibisco.
  • makes an automatic backup if there are any changes in the project and 2 hours have passed since the last backup.
  • keeps a maximum of 10 backup files for a single project in the backup directory. When the maximum number of backups is exceeded, the oldest backup file is deleted.

You can always change these defaults from the settings:

Automatic backup settings
Automatic backup settings

The automatic backup feature increases safety in bibisco project management. To learn more about this topic take a look here.

Direct navigation between scenes and character interview’s sections

Some users have complained that it’s a bit cumbersome to switch from one scene to another. Or from one section of the character interview to another.

Direct navigation between scenes
Direct navigation between scenes

Starting from this version of bibisco, it’s possible the direct navigation between one scene and the next and between the various sections of the character’s interview.

Slovenian translation

Thanks to Tatjana Prelog, bibisco is now available also in Slovenian!

Slovenian translation
Slovenian translation

Minor changes

And finally, here are some minor changes in the new version:

  • In English version introduced the singular they in place of the form he/she.
  • Add words to the dictionary also for Windows and Linux.
  • Increased the scenes’ area in the detail of the chapter


After a year of work, here is the new version of bibisco 2.3.

It has been a long journey but I’m really happy because I think bibisco can help writers even better to write their novel.

So what are you waiting for? Download and try the new version bibisco!

PS: If you need information about the update from a previous version read here.

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