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Why bibisco is the Best Choice for Novelists: an Overview of its Features and Benefits

Writing a novel is an arduous task, requiring time, dedication, and the right tools.

Many problems can arise during the writing of your book:

  • you have an idea, but you don’t know how to start
  • you start writing, but then you get stuck
  • your characters are two-dimensional and boring
  • you spend a lot of time trying to organize your book’s data scattered in multiple documents
  • you have difficulty setting your writing goals and tracking your progress
  • the software you are using is overly complex.

To address and solve these issues, you can count on bibisco!

bibisco is a comprehensive novel-writing software designed to help you in all stages of creating your novel: research, planning, designing, and writing.

Overview of bibisco

bibisco is an application that assists writers in the development of their books. It can help them organize their concepts, build the plot of their narrative, and make their stories come alive. With bibisco, you can write more efficiently and improve your creative process.

The distraction-free editor, comprehensive novel analysis, and world-building features make it easy to craft an intriguing story from beginning to end. With bibisco novel writing software, you can arrange your work and complete your novel! It’s the ideal instrument to support you in constructing, designing, and writing with confidence.

bibisco is not an artificial intelligence tool that will write your story. bibisco will help you generate and develop ideas, structure your novel, and edit your work easily, but it’s up to you to create the story with your work and talent.

bibisco is a desktop application compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. bibisco is available in 14 languages: Czech, Dutch, French, German, English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Why bibisco Is The Best Choice for Novelists: An Overview of Its Features and Benefits - bibisco chapters section
bibisco chapters section

Benefits of bibisco

As a powerful novel-writing software, bibisco offers many benefits to authors.

  • All that you need to write. Utilizing bibisco, you can organize chapters and scenes and arrange them with drag ‘n drop. You can manage revisions and export your novel in pdf, docx, and epub. You have at your disposal a fully-featured text editor in distraction-free mode.
  • Organize Your Ideas. The first step in the writing process is to organize your ideas. You can use bibisco to create a novel structure and define the premise, fabula, and plots. You can use mind maps to determine relations between story elements.
  • Bring your characters to life. The integrated character profile tool lets you create detailed character profiles. You can choose your character’s gender, age, place of origin, occupation, and more. Character profiles help you understand your characters more, making your story more realistic and compelling.
  • Timeline. bibisco lets you visualize your story in a timeline, so you can have an overview of how events are connected and how they fit together to form the whole story. This will help you identify any issues with pacing or conflicts within your story.
  • Novel Analysis. Analyzing the chapters’ length, the use of points of view, time, and locations in which characters appear can help you better understand the story and pinpoint any inconsistencies in character development or plot holes.
  • Track Your Progress. The goal-setting and progress-tracking tools are excellent ways to stay motivated and finish your novel. You can set your own goals and track your word count, view the completion percentage of your work, and your remaining writing time.
Why bibisco Is The Best Choice for Novelists: An Overview of Its Features and Benefits - bibisco timeline
bibisco timeline

Character profile tools

When writing a novel, it’s important to get to know your characters as well as you can. The more you know about them, the more realistic and compelling they will be.

The character profile tool lets you create detailed profiles for each of your characters. You can choose their gender, age, place of origin, psychology, occupation, and much more in an innovative and funny way: an interview!

Utilizing bibisco, you can comprehend the multifaceted nature of your characters: their features, flaws, and inconsistencies. Moreover, a credible and compelling character arc, which is the alteration or development a character goes through during the narrative, makes a novel unforgettable.

Why bibisco Is The Best Choice for Novelists: An Overview of Its Features and Benefits - bibisco main character section
bibisco main character section

bibisco is the most user-friendly novel writing software

The production of a novel is a complicated task, so the software used for its writing does not have to be complicated.

When you choose bibisco, you get access to the tools and features a novelist needs without an overwhelming learning curve.

With bibisco, you can bring your characters to life, determine the setting, devise the storyline, set writing objectives, manage chapters, and more with its user-friendly interface.

Instead of worrying about the writing program, you can focus on mastering the structure of your novel.

Why bibisco Is The Best Choice for Novelists: An Overview of Its Features and Benefits - bibisco writing tips
bibisco writing tips

Resources and support offered by bibisco

The best way to learn about bibisco is through the official tutorial. The tutorial is divided into chapters to make it easier to go deeper into the individual topics.

Another source of information is official documentation. You can find answers to the most common questions, such as how to install and update bibisco or upgrade from the Community version to the Supporters version.

In any case, you can contact the bibisco team directly by emailing

Why bibisco is the best choice for novelists

Have you ever considered using a novel-writing platform?

The truth is that writing a novel is not as simple as you think.

It requires great preparation and organization; sometimes, the process can seem overwhelming. But bibisco can make your life easier by providing you with all the tools you need to complete your novel. It can help you create an outline, organize your ideas, write your book, and track your progress.

Furthermore, if you’re worried about the quality of your work, help is at hand! The novel analysis features can highlight inconsistencies and potential plot holes, while the timeline tool can help you visualize your story, so you can identify any inconsistencies.

Finally, the character profile tool can help you better understand your characters, so you can make their stories come alive and make your novel unforgettable.

And remember, even if you feel like you don’t know how to start writing your novel, don’t give up! bibisco can be your writing partner throughout the entire process.

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