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Developed to enhance your storytelling, bibisco offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed for authors seeking a richer and more effective writing experience.

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Since its first release in April 2014, bibisco has become a mature and trusted software for writing books. What sets us apart? You, the writers! 

Founder Andrea Feccomandi consistently integrates your ideas and suggestions, crafting bibisco into a reliable and valued writer software. Your creative insights propel us forward, shaping a personalized and user-friendly tool to elevate your storytelling experience.

And we’re just getting started! Keep sending your ideas and suggestions to because we aim to make bibisco the best-ever software for writing a book!

Explore bibisco writer software's Main Features - Elevate Your Writing Journey with the Powerful Tools of the best book writing program!

bibisco main features for authors

Visual depiction of bibisco's powerful word processor, a feature-rich software writing tool designed for novelists, providing a comprehensive environment for efficient and creative writing.

Word Processor

bibisco boasts a robust word processor tailored for writers, offering standard formatting tools, spell check, and special features like dialog symbols’ buttons.
The word processor provides essential writing metrics, including word and character counts in the text, daily word count versus the target, and total words versus the set goal.
Additionally, you can activate distraction-free mode to write without interruptions and enhance focus.

bibisco's character interview feature, a unique aspect of this program for writing that fosters in-depth understanding and development of novel characters.

Character Development

Character development is fundamental for crafting compelling novels. Understanding the characters' human nature, with their qualities, flaws, and contradictions, avoids simplistic stereotypes and ensures that your characters are realistic and believable.
bibisco features an engaging character interview approach to unveil each character's depth, while dedicated sections assist in tracking the characters' evolution arcs. You can also associate images with characters to inspire you when writing.

Chapters section of bibisco novel write software, showcasing intuitive organization and management features for a seamless writing experience.

Chapters And Scenes Management

bibisco writer software simplifies navigation within your novel's project, saving you from intricate file system searches.
Easily assess written chapters and the overall book structure while tracking word count and progress toward goals.
Rearrange chapters and scenes instantly with drag 'n drop functionality and move scenes from chapter to chapter.
Seamlessly manage scene revisions—a key editing capability—ensuring a smooth and efficient creative process.

Visual depiction of bibisco's Architecture section, a distinctive feature in writer programs, showcasing the software's structural approach to novel development.

Novel Architecture

Define the architecture of your novel using bibisco writer software. Start by establishing the premise, laying the foundation for your narrative. Progress through the events' sequence using fabula, ensuring a cohesive storyline. Paint a vivid backdrop that captivates readers with the setting feature.
Delve into character intricacies within the narrative strands, creating interconnected storylines that add depth and complexity to your literary creation.

Visualize your story elements creatively with Mind Maps in bibisco fostering a deeper understanding of your narrative structure.

Mind Maps

Visually design relationships within your story with bibisco mind maps, revealing connections and impacts between characters, locations, objects, and groups. This prevents plot holes and inconsistencies for a more engaging and satisfying story for your readers.
Mind maps help you develop your story world, flesh out your characters, and explore different possibilities, overcoming writer’s block and generating new ideas when you’re stuck.

Explore chronological events seamlessly with bibisco's Timeline, ensuring structured and paced storytelling.


bibisco's timeline simplifies the organization of story events by facilitating the creation and management of a chronological sequence, thus avoiding temporal inconsistencies in your narrative.
bibisco ensures a precise and logically ordered timeline, connecting significant events to scenes, characters, locations, objects, or even real-world events.
bibisco's timeline also aids in managing intricate plots and multiple characters, promoting effective structure and pacing.

Experience superior writing support with bibisco's Writing Goals – renowned as the best program for writing – facilitating accurate goal-setting and progress tracking for your novel.

Writing Goals

Setting and tracking writing goals is essential for a successful novel. By setting a clear novel conclusion deadline, total word count, and daily word targets, writers create a structured framework that helps them always to be focused and motivated.
bibisco guarantees a disciplined and efficient writing journey by monitoring your progress, showing your book's completion percentage and proximity to the deadline, daily word counts, monthly average and trends.

Explore bibisco's Locations section, an integral part of the best writer software, providing a detailed view of important settings within your novel.

Locations Management

Utilize the bibisco book writing program to meticulously craft the world and locations in your novel.
For every location in your story, provide detailed descriptions, attach pictures, and chronicle significant events seamlessly integrated into the novel's timeline.
Precision in describing locations is crucial in a book as it creates vivid mental imagery for readers, immersing them deeply into the narrative and enriching their overall reading experience.

Discover bibisco's Objects section, a unique feature in writing programs, showcasing essential items that enrich your novel's narrative.

Objects Management

Objects, such as a magic wand, a gun, or a treasure map, can play a vital role in a novel. They deserve meticulous design akin to characters and locations.
With bibisco writer software's dedicated functionality, you can develop these essential story elements.
Provide detailed descriptions, associate images, and link significant events to objects, enhancing the depth of your narrative.

Explore the Groups section in bibisco, the best writing software, uniting characters, locations, and objects seamlessly for enhanced storytelling.

Groups Management

bibisco writer program streamlines organization for writers by grouping characters, locations, and objects—whether they are families, tribes, or fantastical entities like wizards.
Detailed sheets enable the inclusion of descriptions, tracing each group's unique characteristics, from language to traditions and powers, thereby enhancing narrative coherence particularly for fantasy or historical novels featuring many different peoples.

Unlock profound insights into your writing with bibisco's Analysis feature, a unique tool in writing a book software, offering comprehensive understanding and mastery over your narrative.

Novel Analysis

bibisco's analysis feature offers in-depth insights into your novel's length, character dynamics, locations, objects, narrative strands, and points of view.
Analyzing these elements is crucial for refining plot intricacies, ensuring consistent character development, and maintaining coherence throughout the narrative.
This tool distinguishes bibisco among book writing programs, offering authors unmatched mastery over their work.

​​Effortlessly export your literary masterpiece with bibisco's Export feature, a prime capability in write book software, ensuring seamless sharing of your written work in various formats.

Export to PDF, DOCX, EPUB

With bibisco's book writing software, exporting your novel is effortlessly streamlined.
Convert your work seamlessly into multiple formats, including PDF, DOCX, TXT, and also EPUB.
This ensures smooth distribution and collaboration and provides the added benefit of sharing your creative endeavor in diverse formats perfectly tailored to different reading preferences and platforms.

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